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Using MarketingPro's Server - SPF Records for Email Success

If you're using MarketingPro's server to send email you can reduce the chances that your emails will be identified as SPAM by adding MarketingPro's SPF record to your domain. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records allow domain owners to indicate which IP addresses or servers are authorized to send email on their behalf. Adding MarketingPro to your domain's SPF records will help ensure that SPAM checking services recognize MarketingPro's email server as authorized. If a SPAM checking service recognizes a sending server as authorized, they will not block emails from reaching email recipients.

What is the purpose of the SPF Record?

The purpose of the SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending email messages with forged "From" email addresses at your domain or using your email address to send spam. If a SPAM service recognizes that a unidentified server, a server not in your domain's SPF records, is sending emails on your behalf, it should block emails as spam and from reaching the recipients.

How do I add MarketingPro's IP address to my domain's SPF records:

Contact your domain provider who is responsible for maintaining your DNS (Domain Name System). If you are using a Broker/Dealer company domain, please contact your company IT personnel.  MarketingPro will need to be added as an authorized sender on your email account's behalf. The following should be added to the SPF record:


Do I need to update my domain's SPF Records if I'm using my own email server?

No. If you're using your own email server to send emails and not using MarketingPro's server, updating the SPF records is unnecessary.





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