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Step 4: Personalize Email templates

Step 4: Personalize Email Templates.
To build a personalized email template:

  • Log in to Marketing.Pro and click on “Options” and then “Email Templates.”
  • On the following page, select one of our template options under the "Create a Template" tab by clicking on the image.
  • Certain fields will be populated with your information (pulled from “My Profile” located under “Settings”). Be sure to review the information.

We highly recommend using images to personalize your email templates. If you do so, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make certain your images are correctly sized, based on the specifications that appear on the form (incorrectly sized images will distort during upload).
  • If the image file size is too large, it will take much longer to load and may not appear as desired.
  • If you are uncomfortable formatting an image to fit into our specifications, please send it to Be sure to include:
  1. Which template you are trying to create.
  2. The images you want to use, as attachments.
  3. The information you want to appear in each custom field available for that template.

Once you have filled the custom fields and images:

  • Click "Preview and Save."
  • Review the template. If you need further editing, click “Continue Editing;” if you're done, click "I'm Done!"
  • Name the template and click "Save." Once you click "Save" the template automatically is sent to your Broker/Dealer (B/D) for approval. It will appear under your Pending Review tab and you will receive an email once it is approved.

The three tabs where a template can be reviewed are as follows:

  • Inactive – The template has been deleted or declined by the B/D.
  • Pending Review – The template has yet to be reviewed but is sitting in queue for approval.
  • My Templates – The template has been approved and is ready for use.

If you are having trouble with an email template, image sizing, or contact information please contact David Chorley at  for assistance.

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