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Step 2: Validate your SMTP server.

Most Broker/Dealers (B/D) require that your emails go through their approved server for record keeping purposes. Even if this is not required, we recommend that you do so; using the approved server will reduce the number of emails blocked by spam filters.

To validate your SMTP server:

  • Log in to Marketing.Pro and click on “Settings” and then “Email Options.”
  • On the following page, you will see two options with radio buttons: “SMTP Server” and “Use the Marketing.Pro SMTP Server.” If your Broker/Dealer requires you to use their server, you MUST click the “SMTP Server” radio button and enter:
  1. Your STMP Server name (this is typically available in a drop down menu to the right of the field).
  2. Your username (for most Broker/Dealers, this is your approved email address; for a few this is your username for that B/D's rep access site).
  3. Your password for either the email or the B/D's rep access site.
  • Once the fields are complete, click "Save Changes".

Marketing.Pro will send a test email to check your information. You will receive a message that says "Updated Successfully" or "Did Not Validate." If you receive "Did Not Validate," double check your server, email, and password for accuracy. If the information as submitted was correct, please contact our support team for assistance.

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