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MarketingLibrary/MarketingPro is updated with new messages every week. If you have a suggestion for a message that does not already exist in our library:
  • Once you are Logged In, click on "Suggest a Message" 
  • Follow the instructions on that screen.

Suggestions received are considered on the basis of how many subscribers we feel would find the message useful. If we feel the suggestion would be a benefit to a large portion of our subscribers, then it is given to the copywriting team - who write them in the order in which they were received and as their time is available.  

Unfortunately, though we do currently draft about 75% of the suggestions we receive, we cannot make a guarantee that a suggestion will be drafted, nor can we estimate a time frame or provide any form of "tracking" on a suggestion. It depends on what our copywriters are working on, how many suggestions are received, and how useful we feel each message will be to the bulk of subscribers. If a suggestion is queued to be written, sometimes they are turned around in a matter of days (especially if pertaining to a current event), and other times a message suggestion may take several weeks to be drafted.

We are happy to provide this "suggest a message" option to our subscribers, however it is not a free custom copywriting service. If you are working on a deadline, or if your suggestion is something that is Advisor-specific, area-specific, or might only be useful to you (or if we don't feel a large number of Advisors would find it to be useful) then what you're requesting is a custom message. Similarly, if you’d like to discuss your suggestion with a copywriter or if what you're looking for is a back-and-forth communication and fine-tuning with a copywriter, there would be a charge for that.

If you would like to inquire about custom copywriting, please contact a member of our support team.


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