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Macintosh - Troubleshooting

Macintosh - Troubleshooting.

A significant number of people use Apple products for work and recreation. However, it’s important to note that there are fundamental differences between the programs used on Macintosh computers and the standard, Windows-based PC.

When you download content from the MarketingLibrary, it will be in the .DOC format, most commonly associated with Windows-based word processors, such as Microsoft Word. While there are programs for the Mac that will read .DOC files, not all of them have the same abilities in terms of formatting and appearance.

The reason for this is that Macs and PCs are created using very different computer languages. The practical upshot of this is that not all files will behave the same way when read using programs that are so very different.

If you are using a program on a Macintosh to read .DOC files and experience issues with formatting, skewed appearance, or failure to read the file, we would encourage you to locate and utilize software that can better work with the .DOC format. 

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