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Requesting Editing / Copywriting Services

Requesting editing or copywriting services from MarketingLibrary

MarketingLibrary's copywriters can fine-tune your message, based on availability. To submit your message:

  • Log in and click "Support Tools"
  • Click "Suggest a Message" and follow the instructions on that screen.

On our message suggestion form, be certain to paste all pertinent points that are part of your message, including:

  • Current text, or your early draft of the message
  • Write blurbs, sentences, and ideas you want expressed in the message
  • Bullet points to be emphasized

MarketingLibrary will notify you if your message is something we can edit for you and draft a professional rewrite for you. Once completed, we will upload a generalized version of your message to the MarketingLibrary for others to use (with the explicit restriction that no one else but YOU may distribute that message within your county).

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