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Older Articles Requiring New Citations

You may come across an older article that you would like to use, yet your Broker/Dealer requires it to include more recent or additional citations.

Our library contains every message we've ever uploaded - since we first launched. Some older pieces (5+ years old) might not have all the citations your compliance office requires. Please note, we cannot go back and retroactively locate citations on these older pieces. We can, however, update them (rewrite, re-craft, use fresh data, etc.)
In these few cases, we recommend you click the "Suggest a Message" link (in the left side navigation bar), and let our copywriters know you'd like an updated/fresh article. Be sure to include the exact title of the article - the title listed in the system - so that the copywriters know precisely which piece you're referring to. (Please use the title and NOT your Broker/Dealer's internal message ID number.)
We update articles all the time, based on the needs of our subscribers. So if you have the need - just let us know!
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