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Using email template with Economic Update

Using email template with Economic Update.

If you send a Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Economic Update via the "Send a Message" feature, you will have the option of adding or changing your template. This is located on the left hand side of the Message Builder, prior to sending.

If you are setting up a Campaign with an Economic Update:

  • Click on "Campaigns."
  • Select "Build a New Campaign."
  • Add a Campaign Name and Description, then click "Save and Add Action."
  • This will take you to the Actions tab. Select "Include Economic Update."
  • Check the box for the appropriate update (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually).
  • Once the box is checked you will see a drop-down menu to the right. It will be set to "No Template" by default. Click on the arrow and select the template you wish to use.
  • Once you’ve selected the template, click “Save” and complete the campaign.

To change or add an email template to an active campaign:

  • Click on "Campaigns."
  • Select the campaign you wish to edit by clicking “Edit Campaign.”
  • On the page that follows, select the "Actions" tab.
  • Select the Economic Update message by clicking "Edit."
  • On the page that follows, you will see options for templates and frequency. From the appropriate drop-down menu, select the template you wish to appear on the update.
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