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My Profile – Merge Terms and Contact Information

My Profile – Merge Terms and Contact Information.

In Marketing.Pro, merge terms and contact information will be placed in message content, greeting cards, email templates, and newsletter postcards. This information is taken from your profile and is subject to approval by your Broker/Dealer (B/D).  This information can be changed, but in most cases it will need to be approved by your B/D.

To make the changes and submit them for approval:

  • Log into Marketing.Pro and click on “Settings” and then “My Profile.”
  • Click the red link near the center of the page entitled: "Click here to request for your Broker/Dealer to update the fields."
  • On the following page, update and submit the information to your Broker/Dealer for approval.
  • Be sure the appropriate disclosures are entered for both printed and emailed marketing. Once this information is entered/updated select "Request Information Change." You will be notified via email when your Broker/Dealer has approved the new information.

NOTE:  In most cases you will need to wait for approval before changes take effect and/or before you can build or edit email templates.

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