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Contact Upload Guidelines - After the Upload

Contact Upload Guidelines - What To Do After Your Contacts Have Been Uploaded

Designate Primary Communication Preferences

If your contacts have multiple mailing and/or email addresses, please review these entries after import and manually designate a primary preference for communication. The primary contact information will be used in your campaigns. 
To designate primary preferences:

  • Click on the contact entry.
  • Click on the word Edit next to the communication detail you would like set as primary.
  • Once within the editing feature, select the check-box that says "This is primary."
  • Click on the Save button to complete the action.

Updating Your Contacts
You may merge new information into already-existing contact entries.

  • Please include at least one point of contact (email address, street address, or phone number) along with the first and last names of your clients when submitting data sheets of new information; this ensures we import the new data accurately.
  • Updates should be submitted under the names already assigned to your contacts.
  • For example, your existing contact entry is under the name of William Studdard; subsequent updates to Mr. Studdard's entry should be submitted under William Studdard, not Bill Studdard or Liam Studdard.
  • Please review your contacts following an update merge to make certain your primary communication preferences are correct.
  • NO CONTACT INFORMATION IS LOST DURING A MERGE. The new information is added to the previously-existing data.

Creating Groups Manually
Your account gives you the ability to create different groups of contacts, allowing you to market specifically to certain client lists. 

  • There is no limit to the number of groups you can make!
  • Groups are formed using contact entries; however, the deletion of any particular group does not delete any contacts from your account. Deleting a group only removes that grouping from your account; your contact entries remain intact.
  • To create groups, click on Contacts then Manage Groups from the dropdown menu. From there, you can create new groups, add or remove contacts from existing groups, or delete groups you no longer use.

Using the 'Add Family Member' Feature
To connect related contact entries (including Family Member attachments), please follow these steps:

  • Open the contact entry to be linked by double clicking on the contact name.
  • Under the Family Member section of the entry, select Add Family Member.
  • In the Family Members (Editing) section, select Use Existing Contact.
  • Use the Family Members dropdown menu to highlight the name of the contact with whom you are making a connection.
  • Use the Relationship dropdown menu to designate the relationship (husband or wife, son or daughter, brother, sister).
  • Finalize the connection by clicking Add Family Member.
  • When using this feature to connect spouses, you may wish to manually complete the Family Name field for each contact entry for use in sending a single card to the couple; for example, you would manually enter "Nancy and Bill" in the Family Name field in each of their contact entries.
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