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Contact Upload Guidelines - Client Spouses

Contact Upload Guidelines - Client Spouses 

VERY IMPORTANT: Before submitting your data sheet for upload, please separate spousal names from Main Contact names.

For example: if your First Name data column includes entries such as "Rick and Shari" and "Susan & Bryan," please go through and remove the name of the person who is not the Main Contact.
Next, choose whether to upload client spouses as Family Member attachments (OPTION ONE) or individual Main Contact entries (OPTION TWO).
Include the spouse as a Family Member attachment to a Main Contact entry
To select this option:

  • Enter the spouse's name into the Spouse First Name and Spouse Last Name fields associated with the Main Contact on your data sheet. You may also include the spouse's date of birth in the Spouse DOB column.
  • Upon upload, a Family Member attachment to the Main Contact entry will be created for the spouse.
  • Home Address information entered for the Main Contact will populate as a mailing address for the spouse. (If the Main Contact only has a Business Address on file, that address will NOT populate into the Family Member attachment.)
  • After the Family Member attachment has been created, you may add contact details - including email address, phone number, and business address - by listing family members in the First and Last Name columns of subsequent data sheets submitted for upload through the Contact Import Center.
  • You may change a Family Member attachment into a Main Contact entry at any time.

Connect two Main Contact entries together using the Add Family Member feature 

To connect related contact entries (including Family Member attachments), please follow these steps:

  • Open the contact entry to be linked by double clicking on the contact name.
  • Under the Family Member section of the entry, select Add Family Member.
  • In the Family Members (Editing) section, select Use Existing Contact.
  • Use the Family Members dropdown menu to highlight the name of the contact with whom you are making a connection.
  • Use the Relationship dropdown menu to designate the relationship (husband or wife, son or daughter, brother, sister)
  • Finalize the connection by clicking Add Family Member.
  • When using this feature to connect spouses, you may wish to manually complete the Family Name field for each contact entry for use in sending a single card to the couple; for example, you would manually enter "Nancy and Bill" in the Family Name field in each of their contact entries.
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