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Editing existing templates

Editing existing templates.

To edit an existing template:

  • Log in and select "Options" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select "Email Templates"
  • Select the template you wish to edit: Your templates will be located under one of the three tabs provided: My Templates, Pending Review, or Inactive.
  • Click on the selected template’s thumbnail. On the page that follows, in the top-right section of the screen, you will see a button above that says "Copy and Edit.” (This will create a new template identical to the original; if you make a mistake, the original will still exist until such a time as you discard it.)
  • On the page that follows, you can change background colors, customize text fields, and replace or add images. Once the template has been altered to your satisfaction, click "Preview and Save."
  • Review the changes you’ve made. If you are satisfied, click "I'm Done." If you wish to continue making edits, click “Continue Editing.”
  • Give the template a new name (remember that the original will still exist) and hit "Save." Saving the new template will send it automatically to your Broker/Dealer (B/D)  for approval.

NOTE: When looking at existing templates, it is VERY important to look at the compliance certificate to see the actual footer information. When you click the thumbnail, a preview is generated that is not necessarily the info as it on the approved document; if you wish to see a template the way it appear once delivered, always look at the compliance certificate, not the preview.

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