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Sending content via email

The process:

When a subscriber submits a message to be sent via email, the system puts that message into a queue to be “built”. If the subscriber is sending one email, for example, but the email will be received by up to thousands of recipients – the system must “build” each individual email for each recipient. This process is completed every 15 minutes, but could take up to one hour depending on how many jobs are in the build queue.
Once the messages are built, the system runs what is known as a “Quarantine Check”. This verifies each message for accuracy depending on the message, recipient state, recipient age, etc. This process also runs every 15 minutes. If the message passes through Quarantine, it is queued to be sent out. If the message does not clear Quarantine, the subscriber’s compliance office is notified to review and/or approve the message. Once approved by compliance, it would then be queued to be sent out.
Once in the queue to be sent out, the merge fields are filled in and the individual messages are sent to the server for distribution. Please note that Mondays are typically a very busy day for emails, so on those days (and any other day when there is a particularly large number of messages waiting to be sent), the delivery process may be delayed.

Sending content via email.

Once you have located a message you would like to send to a contact or contacts:

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the web page (not the Preview Screen).
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the message.
  • Select "Send to Contacts as Email"
  • The message will open up in your default email template. You can add your contacts and click send. This will go out to your contact immediately if your Broker/Dealer (B/D) has no other restrictions in place.

NOTE: Certain key words and/or clicking edit may delay the sending of your message, placing it in quarantine until your B/D's final approval or re-review of the message. If your message is in Quarantined Messages, contact your B/D’s compliance department to expedite.

NOTE: This is ideal for sending a one-time, non-recurring message. For information on creating recurring messages, drip campaigns and other automated messages, please consult the pages related to our Campaigns feature.

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