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Mailing credits

Mailing Credits 
Credits in the Marketing.Pro system are for physical mailing. They are used to pay for the cost of printing, sorting, stuffing and mailing (postage). Each 1 credit costs $0.215 cents. These credits can be purchased in increments of 100. 
At $0.215 cents per mailing credit, 100 credits will cost $21.50.
To add credits for physically mailed pieces (greeting cards, postcards, letters, etc), log in to your Marketing.Pro account, then click “Settings” and select “Credit Bank”. From there you may select “Purchase Credits” to make a one-time bulk credit purchase, or you may select “Recurring Credit Purchase Plan” to set up on-going, automatic credit purchases.
The physically-mailed pieces within Marketing.Pro each “cost” a specific number of credits: 
Post Cards: 6 credits = $ 1.29 per item
Newsletter Postcards: 7 credits = $ 1.51 per item
Greeting Cards: 11 credits = $ 2.37 per item
1 Page Letter: 9 credits = $ 1.94 per item
2 Page Letter: 11 credits = $2.37 per item
3 Page Letter: 13 credits = $ 2.80 per item
That cost covers everything needed to print and mail your message - from printing and stuffing, to an envelope (if applicable) and postage.
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