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Sending a greeting card/postcard

Sending a greeting card/postcard.

To send a greeting card or postcard:

  • Click on "Send Message" and the "Select" button located under Cards.
  • Select the Greeting Card or Postcard you’d like to send.
  • In the Message Builder application, select the Message Recipients by clicking on the “To” button.
  • Choose recipients from your contacts, click on “Add.” Once all of your recipients are chosen, click on “Back to Card.
  • At this point, you can Review the Personalized Message and select:

             o   Greeting
             o   Name
             o   Edit body of message
             o   Font
             o   Sign off
             o   Signature

  • If you would like to check any adjustments you make to the card, click “Preview Changes.”
  • Once the card is ready to send, click on “Confirm Changes.” Check everything carefully, including the Deliver By date.
  • Once everything is checked, agree to the Terms and Conditions and click “Send Message.”

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