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Contacts - Edit and Review Recipients Names

Contacts - Edit and Review Recipients Names


To review and edit Greeting Name, Family Name, and Envelope Name on each of your contacts:

1.            Log into your account.

2.            Click on “Send Message” on the left,  down towards the bottom: 

3.            Click “Select” for Cards:

4.            Select any card. 

5.            At the top, click “To” to open up your list of contacts.

6.            “Select All” at the bottom of the box on the left.

7.            And “Add” them to the box on the right.

8.            Now click the “Back to Card” button.

9.            Scroll down and click “Review and Edit Recipient Names.”

10.          Click “Edit Names.”

11.          For best results, please follow these guidelines:

a.            Greeting Name should be their  familiar name, typically their first name.

b.            Family Name = i.e. “John and Mary.” 

c.             Envelope Name = i.e. The Smiths or The Smith Family

12.          Now click “Save.”

13.          When you’re done with the list, click “I’m Finished” at the bottom.

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