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Social Media Automation - Questions and Answers

Is there a flat fee? Or do I have to pay every time I post?
There is no fee to link your social media accounts or manually "push" a post to your linked accounts using the "Post to Social Media" button. This feature/service is included in your subscription. If you want to add-on Social Media Automation features to your MarketingPro account (so you can pre-schedule posts for future dates/times and/or create automated Social Media campaigns), there is a flat fee of $25 per month. There is never a "pay per post" fee.

Which Social Media platforms are supported?
Currently the system will allow you to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

How many Social Media accounts can I link to my MarketingPro account?
All MarketingPro subscribers may link three social media accounts (1 Facebook account, 1 Twitter account, 1 LinkedIn account.) However, if you add-on Social Media Automation, you will immediately have the ability to link up to 6 Social Media accounts (2 Facebook accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, 2 LinkedIn accounts.) This is to allow you to have both a company and a personal for each of the three supported Social Media platforms. If you need to link additional accounts, you may call and speak to a member of our support team. They can manually add the ability to link more accounts at no additional fee, provided the reason for additional accounts is acceptable under the terms and conditions of your subscriber agreement.

Can I post to multiple accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) at the same time?
Yes. When you click "Post to Social Media" the system will pop up a window that lists your linked Social Media Accounts. Just put a checkmark next to the accounts you'd like to post to.

How often will an automated Social Media Campaign post to my Social Media account(s)?
You select when and how often your posts appear. You may choose to have posts appear only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm, or every business day at 10am, or have different frequencies and posting times for your different Social Media accounts. It is up to you.

Are there minimums or maximums for posts?
There is no minimum. There is a maximum for AUTOMATED campaigns, however. The system will only post once per day, per social media account. However, you may manually post additional text or images, or can pre-schedule additional posts for any given day. However, we recommend you not overwhelm your followers/friends with too many posts. One post per day as a maximum is a good rule of thumb, and perhaps an additional image if it is a Holiday or notable date, or third post if there's something late-breaking and critical.

Can I proofread the text or images before they post to my social media accounts?
Yes. At any given time, just click on "Social Media Dashboard" and view upcoming posts. If you see one you do NOT want to post to your account, simply click "edit". From there, you can ask the system to replace it with something else, or delete that day's post altogether. (You will also have the option to tell the system "never" to utilize that post again, if you like.) However, the system will not wait for you to give your approval of each post – it will automatically post on the days and times you’ve directed. It is up to you to log in and review upcoming posts in advance. If you’d like to make sure you have reviewed every post before it goes “live” – be sure to login regularly (we recommend weekly) to review upcoming posts, or you may wish to forgo automation and instead hand-select your posts and utilize the “Schedule post for a future date/time” feature.

If I ask the system to find a replacement for an automated post, how long does it take for the new/replacement post to appear?
Typically within 30 minutes. The system searches for post content (both when building campaigns and when replacing posts) on a cycle. The new post may appear within a minute or two, or take up one hour.

Can I delete an upcoming automated social media post and hand-select a new one to replace it?
Yes and no. When you view upcoming automated posts you'll have two options - either to delete the post altogether, or to have the system find a new post to replace the current post. (You'll also be able to tell the system "never" to use that particular post again, if you want.) However, there's no third option to hand-select your own replacement for that post. So if you're wanting to choose a particular post to replace an automated post, rather than let the system choose one for you, the best thing to do is to totally delete that post. After that, you can go into the library, find the approved social media post you'd like to use, and manually pre-schedule it to post at the date/time of the one you deleted.

My automated campaign is supposed to post at 2pm every day, but it is 2:01 and I still don't see it.
Post times are approximate. While manually posted items appear almost immediately, automated campaigns post on a repeating cycle "around" the time you've selected. It may be 2pm, or several minutes later. The system generally cycles in under 30 minutes, so your post should appear within 30 minutes of the time you selected. (Usually closer to within 10 minutes.)

Can I have these posts and images automatically post to my own website, too?
No, this automation is specifically for Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.)

Is there a way to alert my clients when there is a new post on my Social Media account(s)?
There's no automatic notification from MarketingPro to your clients, no. Different social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) notify your friends/followers/subscribers in different ways, and often according to the preferences of your friends/followers/subscribers (rather than your own preferences.) You should check with your Social Media accounts directly to learn more about how they notify friends/followers/subscribers.

Why do I have to select three different topics? What if I only want to post about a specific subject, and I don't care if its weeks or months between posts?
Currently you must select three general topics in order to create an automated social media campaign. This is to ensure we have enough content to keep your campaign going on a regular basis. Automated campaigns are designed for professionals who want to keep up an ongoing, regular social media presence. If you're more concerned with the content than the regularity, you may want to consider forgoing the automated campaign aspect and instead hand-selecting your posts, then using the "schedule for a future date" feature to have them post when and where you want them to.

How old might these posts be?
If you find something that was posted 4 months ago, or 6 months ago, that you still feel is viable and relevant, and you'd like to post it, you can. You may manually post it using the "Post to Social Media" button, or pre-schedule to post at a later date. However, to ensure your automated campaigns remain fresh, the automated campaigns system will not use any post if it was uploaded more than 90 days ago.

Are these posts compliance approved?
Automated social media campaigns will only "pull" posts from approved content. That is, if compliance has not yet approved a social media post, it will not be used in your automated campaign. Only compliance-approved posts are eligible. (The exception to this, of course, is if you are part of our "No Broker/Dealer" library, in which case, as with all content, it is up to you to ensure compliance.)

Will I be notified when I post?
There is no need. You will either have manually posted, or pre-scheduled your post for the specific date/time of your choosing, or have setup an automated campaign to post on specific days/times ... so you should already be aware of when you're posting.

I pay for my subscription via commission deduction.  Can I pay for my Social Media Automation the same way?
No. Social Media Automation must be billed to a credit card.

I would like my Social Media automation billed to a different card than I am using for mailing credits and/or my Pro subscription.  Is that possible?
Unfortunately, no. Billing is automated through the system on just one credit card.

How does Social Media Automation Choose What Content to Post?
Social Media Automation will select approved content to post to your social media accounts. The automation chooses from approved content that was created in the last 90 days without priority to text or image content.



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