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Recurring Content



Recurring Content
MarketingLibrary / MarketingPro


The following list represents content that we create or refresh on a recurring basis*, and approximately when you can expect each piece to be uploaded** into the library.



  • Weekly Economic Update                                             By 8am Monday morning
  • Weekly Financial Article                                                By 8am Monday morning
  • Social Media Posts                                                        Minimum 10 per week


  • Monthly Economic Update                                              By 4th Business Day of the Month
  • Retirement In Sight Newsletter                                       On/Around 15th of the Month
  • Social Media Images                                                        Minimum 15 per month
  • Retirement 360 Newsletter Postcard (PRO Only)             Around 1st Business Day of the Month
  • Perspectives Lifestyle eNewsletter                                   Before the end of the previous month


  • Quarterly Economic Update                                          By 5th Business Day of the Quarter
  • Horizon Millennials eNewsletter                                   Winter (mid-December), Spring (mid-March),                                                                                        Summer (mid-June), Fall (mid-September)


  • Yearly/Annual Economic Update                                      Approx. Early January
  • IRA Deadlines Are Approaching                                       Approx. Mid January
  • Essential Financial Figures                                                Approx. Mid March
  • Annual Tax Guide                                                              Approx. Mid February
  • Annual Financial To-Do List                                              Approx. Mid/Late October
  • End of Year Money Moves                                                Approx. Mid/Late October
  • Year-End Financial Checklist                                             Approx. Mid/Late November
  • The Holiday Wrap Up                                                       Approx. Mid/Late November


  • Valentine’s Day Letter/Email                                      Approx. Late January
  • Easter Letter/Email                                                     Approx. Late February
  • Passover Letter/Email                                                Approx. Late March
  • Mother’s Day Letter/Email                                         Approx. Late March
  • Memorial Day Letter/Email                                        Approx. Late April
  • Father’s Day Letter/Email                                           Approx. Late May
  • Independence Day Letter/Email                                Approx. Mid June
  • Labor Day Letter/Email                                              Approx. Early August
  • Rosh Hashanah Letter/Email                                      Approx. Late August
  • Yom Kippur Letter / Email                                          Approx. Late August
  • Halloween Letter/Email                                              Approx. Late September
  • Veteran’s Day Letter/Email                                         Approx. Early October
  • Thanksgiving Letter/Email                                          Approx. Late October
  • Hanukkah Letter/Email                                               Approx. Mid November
  • Christmas Letter/Email                                               Approx. Late November
  • New Year Letter/Email                                                Approx. Early December


* As of January, 2015

** Please note – the date we upload content and the date your Broker/Dealer makes that content available to you can vary. This list represents when the team at MarketingPro, Inc. expects to upload a piece of content into the general library, not the date on which the piece will be approved, reviewed, or made available by your Broker/Dealer.

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