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Timely Content

How do we help you communicate about timely events?

MarketingPro provides the Weekly Economic Update, which covers current events. We also keep a discerning eye on the news. Our aim is to provide timeless, high-level financial content that the majority of our users will want to share. Occasionally, we create special “timely emails” that let you quickly and easily address current events with your clients. These pieces can be edited before sending, so the language can always be made to suit whatever you would like to express.

While we understand that you may be looking for certain content to fit into your own, individual marketing strategy, you may find that we don’t cover every single major event immediately. There’s a good reason for this; most of these events are best addressed with some time for perspective and context. For that reason, we’ve created an email that will work for many situations (see below).

How do we decide when and how to make timely content?

Our in-house subject matter experts are constantly paying attention to market activity and impactful events. When something happens that we believe you should address with your clients, we’ll create and announce a timely piece in the library. However, you’re not a news outlet, and in your best interest, we’re very selective about the events we address.

We avoid any language or topics that may expose you to risk, such as speculation on the news, or opinion-based or journalistic-style writing. The same goes for any communications that might unsettle investors or decrease their confidence in the long-term strategy they’ve already established with you.

Usually, the best message is “stay the course,” regardless of the current news cycle. We have a pre-written email available that you can customize and send any time the market is wobbly, for whatever reason. Check it out by logging in and searching for our email titled: Turbulence? Stay the Course.


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